After I make a flight reservation, how can I receive the airline ticket 
Once we receive the booking in our reservation system, our sales agents will issue and send e-tickets to the e-mail address (inserted in the booking) as soon as possible. If it is a low cost carrier or charter flight ticket, you will receive the ticket receipt and itinerary automatically by email. Please note low cost carriers and charter companies accept only credit card payments and once booking is completed the payment is already made directly to the carrier and not refundable. 

Are the hotel rates on your site per person or per room ? 
Per room. All rates quoted are for the duration of the whole stay for the room/s requested. All prices include service, local taxes and calculated per room base selected. 

Are the rates including breakfast ? 
The hotel rates normally include breakfast, if otherwise is not mentioned. Type of the breakfast is described at the search results most of the time. 

What hotel room type should I select for a family ? 
Most of hotels will only accommodate a maximum of 4 people (regardless of age) in one room. This is usually to comply with health and safety regulations. A quad room can accommodate four people. Unfortunately there are few hotels with quad rooms. Some hotels have small rooms so the only way to accommodate a family of 4 would be to book two rooms. If you have child under 2 years old and need a cot, please send your request to us. We will check if the booked hotel provides the cot. Most of hotels provide cots free of charge, but not allow more than one cot in a room. 

Do I need to confirm the bookings with the hotel directly ?
No, but please ensure that the email voucher is presented to the hotel reception upon check-in. Please note that for the booked hotels, the room allotment is kept for our clients and we only supply your name to the hotel, normally 72 hours prior to your arrival; if you contact them before this, they may not have your details yet. 

What do I need to have once I pay ? 
When you make the booking, the service voucher will be sent automatically to the e-mail address you insert in the booking. Please feel free to print the voucher. The vouchers should be presented to the hotel reception while check in, or to the service provider, as an evidence that the services have been booked and paid in advance. If it is an airline ticket, upon receipt of the booking in our reservation system our agents will issue and send your e-ticket by email. If it is a low cost carrier or charter flight ticket, you will immediately receive the ticket by email. 

What if I need visa support letter from the hotel directly ?
Please visit Support & Inquiries section of this site and fill in the form selecting Visa Support Letter option. We will do our utmost where and when possible. 

What if I need to cancel or change the booking ? 
Please visit Inquiries section and fill in the form selecting related option. 

How much am I charged if I cancel a booking ? 
Please refer to the Cancellation policy of each hotel or service supplier. 

What should I do if I have a complaint ? 
Any complaint which cannot be resolved at the hotel and can be related to, must be notified to us selecting the complaint in Inquiries section. All complaints must be notified to us within 21 days of the check-out date. A copy of the complaint should also be submitted to the hotel or supplier manager with a signed copy taken. 

What happens if I need a refund? 
The refund payment will be made the same way how the payment was made to us. If credit card, the amount will be credited directly to the credit/debit card that was used to pay for the booking. 

How can I book services that are not bookable online with real time availability in your system ? 
We actually do have online booking opportunity for some specific services, but prefer not to open access to the online users, because for such specific requirements evaluation/consultation process is required. However, please feel free to submit forms for services as such as Cruise, Rail Tickets, Travel Insurance, Meet & Assist, Visa and Aircraft Rental. Upon receipt, our related personnel will send you best available options. 

Should I pay any fee to use this site ? 
No, absolutely no registration, transaction or any hidden fees are charged. You pay us what you see in search results. 

In what currencies can I book services ? 
Euro, US Dollars, Turkish Lira and Azerbaijan Manat. 

When do I have to pay for bookings? 
Prior to check-in, flight or service dates. If the payment is not received by the deadline, bookings are cancelled automatically. 

Can I pay by Cash ? 
Yes for almost all services. You can purchase all airline tickets by cash or bank transfer options except for low cost / charter carriers. For hotels, in rear cases system accepts only credit card payments, but you can book land arrangements for any date after 10 days of reservation made if cash payment is involved. Because there might be heavy cancellation fees for certain periods if there is less than 10 days period to the service and we need to protect ourselves in case we cannot collect the payment on time. 

Can I pay by bank transfer? 
Yes, please still choose cash option or insert a credit card to complete the booking and ask our sales personnel for the invoice. The payment is not deducted from your credit card and used only to complete to booking if the bank transfer payment is required. 

How can I pay you by Cash or Bank Transfer? 
If you are in Baku, you can hand deliver cash to our local offices or our desk at Boutique Palace Hotel 24 hours. Our delivery agents may also pick up payment if you are located not too far from the city center. If you would like to pay by bank transfer, we will send you the invoice by e-mail or as hard copy. However, the payment must reach our bank account prior to service date. If the payment is not made within the time limit given, bookings are cancelled automatically. 

Do you have helpdesk services that I can contact in case I need assistance ? 
Yes. Our system is fully automated for most of the services, however please do not hesitate to contact our dedicated customer service representatives for any questions/requirements you may have. For the services not available online, please feel free to submit your requirements filling out the related forms and our dedicated personnel will response as soon as possible. Alternatively you can always call us from our web-site or contact on skype. 

What if I don’t receive reply to my bookings ? 
Once you complete the booking, system automatically emails you the voucher or the summary of the required service, to the e-mail address inserted in the booking. Please ensure that your email address is inserted correctly. If you have not received an email within 24 hours, please contact our team. 

From time to time I get an error on my screen. What might be causing this ? 
The reason may be related with your Internet connection or configuration of your browser. Please contact your IT personnel or our agents so they may also give you some helpful hints to resolve the problem. 

What credit / debit cards are accepted? 
Visa, Master, American Express, Diners Club, Maestro, Union Pay, Ucb cards. 

Do you pay commission to travel agencies for bookings made on this web-site ? 
Yes. Our standard system is based on Net prices. However, upon request we are able to fix any commission rate / percentage to your login.

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