TRAVEL AGENCIES No matter you are an IATA accredited or not, travel agencies are always welcome to be our Subagents. Once we have a negotiation, we will register your company and load your special deals in our Travel Agency Booking Tool (TABT) and you will be able to book widest range of products and services at the most reasonable prices. Your Flight Bookings will be automatically sent to our reservation system ready for ticketing and you will receive the electronic ticket in a short time. You will be able to book other services as such as low cost airlines, hotels, cars yourselves and issue the service vouchers imemediately. Also you do not need to spend money for connecting to the reservation systems (CRS or GDS’s) anymore, neither installation fees nor monthly fees. For detailed information about our Revolutionary, Unique and User Friendly Tool with High Advantages for you, please visit and apply for opening an account with us. If we agree on terms & conditions, we will fix ID and password for this site so you can have your own Online Booking Tool at your own special travel agency prices. Register

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