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Please fill out above application form for visa requirements of any country and for any citizenships. For Azerbaijan, there are basically 2 type of visas; Tourist E-visa or you can obtain traditional sticker business visa through the embassy. For Tourism purposes; we may issue Tourist Vouchers and Business purposed visas, we can organize LOI-Letter of Invitation.
Tourist E-visa should generally be your preference as it is cheaper, less time consuming and you will neither need to visit any embassy nor be away from your passport for a while. Although it seems a longer processing time (around 7-8 days), it is still better considering the tiring process takes even much longer with other visa types. You can only co-ordinate that with one of accredited local travel agencies that prepare tourist voucher and apply on your behalf. Click for LIST OF ALL REQUIREMENTS
Business visa 
is obtained by applying through the embassy. You will need to have a Letter of Invitation to be able to apply. Every single AZ embassy has its own requirements and the process differs from embassy to embassy. It is usually quicker but more expensive (mainly for US and UK nationals) and also involves either posting your documents or personal visits to the embassy.
*If you plan to stay in Azerbaijan for more than 10 days, you will need to get registered at the police within 10 days of your entry. For shorter visits registration is not required.

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